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January 24, 2018


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Cold Air Intake Install

February 01, 2007

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This months news letter will address the installation of a cold air intake system by C&L performance.
The addition of a cold air intake system is one of the best upgrades you can make to your mustang. Many quality kits can be purchased for a reasonable cost from several vendors. Some of these vendors include C&L, JLT, K&N, AIRAID, WMS, STEEDA, ROUSH, and FRPP just to name a few.
Some of these kits require the use of an aftermarket tuner and custom tunes that reprogram your factory processor to allow for the increased airflow. These tunes can dramatically improve your cars performance. Some of the popular tuners used are those by SCT and Diablosport. In this article we will be using an SCT tuner. Purchasing your tuner from a reputable dealer that specializes in custom tunes will make your upgrade painless. We have used tunes from BamaChips ( custom tuning and Brenspeed ( custom tuning. Both of these companies provide excellent customer service and are a very good choice for tunes.

Ok, lets get to the technical stuff....
The first step after you receive your new CAI kit is to remove the factory air box and inlet tube. This is a simple process that involes loosening the factory clamp at the throttle body that holds the air inlet tube in place. Then remove the 10mm screw from just to the right of the air filter box near the driver side fender (be careful not to lose this screw as it will be reused later in the install). Once the clamp is loose and the screw is removed you want carefully unplug the mass air meter. This is also a simple process. Pull out the red safety tab and then press in the release button and pull the connector off of the sensor. Next remove the air vent tube from the left side of the factory air inlet tube near the throttle body. Again pull out the red safety tab and push in the tab and remove from the post. After the wiring is removed you may now remove the entire assembly from the car. Simply pull the air inlet tube from the throttle body and carefully lift the air inlet box up and out of the engine compartment.
Next you need to carefully read the instructions that came with your new kit. Most kits provide you with detailed instructions involving the next steps.
Ok, now we need to transfer the mass air sensor from the factory air box over to the new aluminum housing. Again follow the directions in the kit. Remove the two small torx bit screws from the original housing. Next carefully pull out the mass air meter and install as per the manufactures instructions into the new housing. Take care to ensure the meter is facing the correct direction so that the incoming air enters the small opening in the meter. Next loosely install all of the provided clamps and fittings to your new Mass air meter housing. Again follow the directions in your new kit. Next install the new plastic heat shield provided in your kit back into the location where the old filter box was located. Replace the screw that you removed earlier during the disassembly phase. And install the provided zip ties as per the instructions in your kit.
We are now ready to install the pre assembled inlet unit. Follow the instructions in your kit for proper placement. Once you have the intake tube in place with the mass air housing located at the hole to your heat shield you may install the filter provided in the kit. Make sure to clean the slimy residue from the mouth of the filter before install.
Once everthing is lined up the way you want tighten the clamps. Next re-install the wiring and tube that was removed earlier in the disassembly process. You are now ready to install your new tunes.
Under the dashboard just left of the steering wheel is a plug in for you to insert the cord from the tuner. Plug it in and follow the onscreen instructions for installation of your tunes. Once installation is complete double check everthing under the hood one last time and go enjoy the new found performance of your Mustang!

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