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January 24, 2018


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Steeda TRI-AX Shifter Install

March 25, 2007

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In this edition of talking points we will be discussing the installation of a Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter.

This modification requires lifting the car in the front and rear so be sure to safely support the front and rear with jack stands or ramps. Do not use a jack only to support your car! Serious injury or Death could occur if your vehicle falls while you are underneath.

The first step to installing the new Tri-Ax shifter is to remove the sloppy stock unit. Begin by unscrewing the factory shift knob in a counter clockwise motion. Once the shift knob is loose gently pry the boot ring from the base pushing forward and up at the same time. Remove the shifter knob and boot and set aside.

Next remove the factory rubber inner boot from the stock unit and set aside.
It is now time to get under the car.

There are two ways to proceed with the install. The first is to remove the old shifter and install the new one with the driveshaft in place. The second is to remove the driveshaft from the tail section of the transmission to ease installation. The install can be accomplished either way. After you determine which way you would like to proceed move to the next steps. If you choose to remove the driveshaft be sure to mark the flange so that the driveshaft can be remounted in its original location.

From underneath the car you will need to remove the the nut that secures the factory shift rod to the shift lever. Now you can pull the shift rod out and let it hang out of the way. Next remove the bolt that attaches the factory shift arm to the transmission. Now remove the two nuts that attach the rear shifter mount to the chassis tunnel. If you removed the driveshaft earlier then you may remove the stock shifter from underneath the car. If you chose to leave the driveshaft in place then it will be necessary to remove the shifter from the inside of the car. carefully maneuver the shifter around until you can pull it out of the opening in the transmission tunnel and set aside.

We are now ready to install the new Tri-Ax shifter. The first step is to transfer some of the parts from the stock shifter over to the new Tri-Ax. The first item is the foward bushings from the factory beam.

ently pry on the metal bushing until you can remove it from the factory bushings. Remove the two halves of the bushing and reinstall into the beam of the Tri-Ax. Remove the two nylon bushings from the base of the shifter linkage on the stock shifter and reinstall them as per the Instructions with the supplied U shaped bracket onto the new shifter.

Now you are ready to assemble the new Tri-Ax as per Steedas directions. Install the two piece urathane bushings in the rear of the shifter housing and bolt them into place with the supplied bolt. Be sure to sandwich them as per the instructions with the large washer and the flange with the bubble facing forward.

Next you will need to assemble the beam to the shifter base if you chose to remove the driveshaft earlier. If you chose not to remove the driveshaft then you will assemble the beam to the base from under the car. If you chose to remove the driveshaft you may place the new shifter into place and loosely tighten the two nuts to the studs at the rear of the transmission tunnel. Next re install the bolt that attaches the beam to the transmission loosely. Reinstall the shift linkage with the new nut supplied and check for clearance. If everything is ok tighten all bolts and nuts.

If you chose to leave the driveshaft in place you will need to very loosely attach the shifter base to the studs in the rear of the transmission tunnel and then slie the beam into place and install the two allen head screws provided then proceed as outlined above after you have the beam secured to the shifter base.

Once you have the underside installed you must move your attention back to the top side. From inside the car attach the shifter handle to the desired position either tall or short. Be sure to use the supplied ruber damper between the shift handle and the lever.

With the handle installed you must now set your positive stop bolts. Loosen the stop bolts and unscrew them until they contact the shift handle while in second and third gear. Then back them out aproximately 1/2 a turn. Steeda suggest an air gap of .025". Once you have your stops adjusted properly you need to re-install the factory inner rubber boot. You may need to trim the underside of the boot to fit over/around the base if the new shifter. Once this is in place securely re-install the factory shift knob and boot. Now go rip some gears!

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